Rethink safety!
We respond to the new clamp designs and give our proven MTB handlebars an upgrade. The result is unique!
This is not only our opinion, it is also the opinion of the jury of DI.A, who have awarded our MTB handlebars the Design and Innovation Award 2022.

FLAT BAR [2.0]

Extremely light and ultra stable. Our Flat Bar is the lightest handlebar to pass the world’s toughest industrial test.

RISER BAR 15 [2.0]

The premium balance between flexibility and robustness provide the ultimate on-trail experience.

RISER BAR 25 [2.0]

Lighter, harder, better. The Riser 25 is the insider tip of BIKE.

RISER BAR 35 [2.0]

Lighter, harder, better. The Riser 35 – released until downhill category.

A handlebar made of carbon?

MTB handlebars made of carbon are very controversial. We at Beast Components understand the controversy and are eager to join the discussion because the handlebar is and remains one of the most safety-relevant components of the bike and its worth taking a closer look. What makes a good carbon handlebar? Like any material, carbon has advantages and disadvantages. Whoever relies on carbon, should inform themselves in advance.


Generally, anyone can make a lightweight handlebar! But it must be built to last, especially handlebars. And here is where the paths diverge. Our goal is not to create the lightest products, but ones that bring added value. Whether it is a long durability, ergonomic features, a great look or unbeatable stability. But yes, carbon is often defined by its low weight and therefore our products also fall in that category.

Our Know How

Unfortunately the technical know-how that is in our carbon products is not directly obvious and many have no knowledge of how complex the development and production of a really good handlebar can be. Many ask themselves why they should spend more money on a carbon handlebar when there are cheaper handlebars on the market with the supposedly same characteristics. But not all handlebars are created equal, even if they look similar! Knowledge of carbon design is not something you can acquire in a day. It’s a rapidly evolving science with constant new research findings. Staying up to date with the research and using the latest techniques can only be ensured by maintaining close contact with scientists. These are our roots.




Was macht unsere Komponenten einzigartig? Was können wir, was andere nicht können? Die Antworten liegen in unserer Herkunft. Hinter Beast Components stehen nicht nur Fahrrad-Nerds, sondern vor allem Leichtbau-Experten.

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