15. March 2020


Hardly a day goes by without sponsoring requests. We get mail from pros and young talent from all over the world. We receive creative, sometimes unusual presentations and are impressed by everyone’s commitment. There’s no doubt that most of them deserve a sponsorship. Unfortunately, we can’t agree to every request.

Still, the subject of sponsoring is important to us – it’s a matter close to our hearts. We want to give a range of people the chance to ride Beast: not just famous pros, but unknown young talent too. 

We’re pleased to announce we have the following riders on board this year:

Tobias Woggon
Steffi Marth
Oli Dorn
Dr. Hermann Meyer (Linienwahl)
Richard Gasperotti aka Gaspi
Norco Factory Team XC
Fiasko Racing Team
Vico Merklein
Hannes Lenk
Laura Zeitschel
Leopold Barich
Florian Schmitt (Bike24 Racing Squad Team)
Maik Höhne (Bike24 Racing Squad Team)

In the coming weeks we’ll introduce you to our riders. We’ll give you inside info, interesting stories and explain why they’re now riding Beast. It’s going to be great!