11. June 2021


Never stand still. Improving, optimizing and developing are our goals. This is where having an in-house production really pays off. After the daily work is done, we tinker with new products, collect all kinds of ideas, read and discuss your feedback and try to optimize things. A lot of this you don’t notice. It happens in silence. But now it’s time to take you with us on this new change.

We are very proud to introduce our new handlebars – the Flat Bar 2.0 and the Riser Bar 2.0.

A subject we contemplated for a while

For a long time, the new clamp designs of the new generation of brakes are a thorn in our side. The clamps are not round and the contact surface is minimal. Loads are thus no longer distributed evenly over the clamping area of the handlebars, instead they lead in locally. This squeezing principle of the new brake clamps is pure poison for any carbon structure. You don‘t have to be an engineer to understand that loads acting like this on the handlebars can not be distributed in an appropriate way.

We started looking for a solution and found one. The result and more information you can find here. Now you have the free choice of the desired brake and can mount it with twice the tightening torque than it was previously possible.