19. January 2021


The Design & Innovation Award (DI.A) is more than a decoration. It’s the only award with real product tests, in-depth reviews and critically founded verdicts. Once again, the award team analysed the most relevant products of the next season.
And now it’s finally official:

Our Gravel Bar is one of the outstanding products that convinced in the practical test and managed to secure a sought-after Design & Innovation Award

Over two weeks, the independent award team consisting of international journalists, professional test riders and industry experts analyse the products and put them through their paces. Our 30-strong and thoroughly experienced test team is united by a shared passion: a deep-seated love for cycling in all its facets. This passion is the foundation of the award, characterised by a longing to track down the best products that will offer you the best experiences. Thereby the test team breaks free from conventional thinking patterns, to analyse products from different perspectives and backgrounds. Also the test crew of the Design & Innovation Award isn’t dazzled by big brands and extensive marketing campaigns, meaning that supposed underdogs also get the chance to impress with their products.

Every product is extensively and intensively tested and discussed. Behind every award, there are countless hours of sweat, work, riding, pain and occasionally heated debates, alongside extensive testing and real-world use of the products. The Design & Innovation Award isn’t just the leading award in the industry, it’s also the most authentic one.

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