4. July 2023

IR – Interface Reinforcement

BEAST Interface Reinforcement – innovative reinforcement for durable carbon components!

The tolerances of clamping areas in the bike industry, which are sometimes interpreted individually, as well as new clamping principles can lead to compatibility problems. Thanks to BEAST products with IR technology, you no longer need to worry about clamping areas of carbon components with different tolerances and unfavourable clamping principles of seat posts and stems.

The integration of a pressure-absorbing protective layer during the manufacturing process for our handlebars in the area of stem clamping as well as for our seat posts in the area of seat tube clamping have the goal of raising the durability, safety and user-friendliness of bicycle components to a new level.

Our clamping areas are reinforced with an extremely fracture-resistant layer of thermoplastic high-tech fibres and thus withstand higher point loads. It also grants significantly improved tolerance compensation for different diameters. This ensures that safety-relevant components are permanently and securely fixed even under the toughest conditions. We are thus setting new standards in terms of durability, safety and user-friendliness.

The IR technology was developed and tested entirely in-house. It is now used in all handlebars and seatposts with the corresponding identification. Like all BEAST products, the new products with IR technology are 100% handmade in Dresden.


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