Finally, the time has come. We have really been looking forward to these rims! The featherweight XS30 are now available for you.

With just 315g, these XC rims should be one of the lightest on the market. But these specially manufactured rims are not only light, but also comfortable, stable and stiff. Through increased vertical compliance, you benefit from the ride comfort. But also the precise handling known from Beast rims remains, through an extremely high lateral stiffness. So it allows you to always ride the best line on the trail.

We developed these ultra-light XC rims indirectly thanks to a project with the renowned manufacturer of audio systems Burmester from Berlin. This collaboration allowed us to work with a special 35g carbon prepreg. This special prepreg makes the heart of lightweight construction experts beat faster. The material is of the highest quality and unbeatable in its performance metrics. Once our engineers had the material in their hands, they started to think about how we at Beast could also use it. Since we still had no real lightweight XC rim in our range, our engineers got to work. Already the first prototypes have inspired us. But now we are more than proud!

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