14. March 2020


We needed to add a gravel bar to match the GR40 and GR25, our two gravel rims. It was the perfect job for our gravel-mad engineer Johannes. Together with Jan—a genuine bike specialist, gravel expert and owner of BIKE-LOFT—he set to work and impressed the entire Beast team with a spectacular design. What makes the Beast Gravel Bar so special? Let’s take a look at the facts and figures:

The Gravel Bar is a specially designed drop bar for off-road terrain. The construction was chosen to absorb and dampen influences from the trail and minimize upper body fatigue. But it still has the stiffness you need to really feel the terrain. The highlight is the unique central area of the handlebars, which has a flat design. The diameter of the 400 Gravel Bar has been adjusted for bikers with smaller hands. Together with the newly designed corner design, this handlebar offers real added value in terms of comfort and provides a secure grip for anyone who loves cornering. For those who prefer riding in the drops, the 24° flare gives you more control and confidence in almost any situation. And if things get too hectic, you can reach the brake lever quickly and easily thanks to the 110 mm drop. In short, you’ll be comfortable whatever your hand position. With its ergonomic features, the Gravel Bar is the ultimate companion for any on- or off-road adventure.

Clamp diameter
Clamping area width
Hood width
Drop width
Weight tolerance
Weight limit

UD-Finish black 419,90 € | colored 499,90 €
31,8 mm
100 mm
400 mm | 420 mm | 440 mm | 460 mm
510 mm | 530 mm | 550 mm | 570 mm
80 mm

tba g | 218 g | tba g | tba g
UD-Finish black

The Gravel Bar was tested by Jan himself. We gave him the first prototype and he’s now riding it on his OPEN WIDE. He called the new Beast “The best gravel bar ever”.